Welcome to Unique Day Spa


THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR SUPPORTING MY LOCAL BUSINESS!  We are offering Products at Retail and Wholesale, Services, Jewelry and Courses!


PRODUCTS (online store under construction – stay tuned on facebook and instagram for updates!)


FLASH SALES & HUGE SUPER SALES ARE ON FOR THIS FALL & WINTER doing a huge INVENTORY CLEARANCE on ALL kinds of Jewelry, Products and Supplies – dates announced on our Unique Day Spa Facebook page.



* Learn & Earn $$ by taking a course from us!  We offer many short courses packed with lots of learning!  Learn by going through your text and doing your reading and assignment questions on your own time!  No wasting time in class or in person.  Video tutorials, and guided training with online course materials.  Open book theory exams done on your own time. Practical exam options can be submitted digitally with specific specifications.  Earn a Certificate of Completion in the course completed.  Once one course is taken from us, up to 50% of the course material will not need to be re-taken thus saving even more time.  Earn your certificates in the evenings or weekends!

Our courses are being offered to Regina and surrounding southern Saskatchewan areas as well as across Canada. If you are outside of the province, please note that all courses start via correspondence, once all reading and assignments are completed then the hands on training commences. Email us which course interests you and your friends and we will forward you more information on the course and details. Register at least two weeks prior to course date with deposit, as our classes fill up quickly. 

COURSES – Learn & Earn $$$