Professional Body Piercing with Unique Day Spa since 1998, over 25 years, serving and supporting local Regina (YQR) communities and charities as well as surrounding areas in Saskatchewan.  We increased the standards for piercing industry long ago and have continued to set the example by sharing information and giving presentations to the department of health inspectors.  We are part of Infection Prevention and Control Committees for Saskatchewan and for all of Canada and International Standards.   We have trained under many piercers and studios to master our techniques.  Our students learn from our extensive lengthy courses all the critical information and troubleshooting necessary for a happy healing piercing.  We pierce and are available throughout your healing period for guidance and help with any questions or concerns all included with your piercing done by Unique Day Spa.  Thank you for supporting our little local business and continue to shop local so that we may continue to support our local communities, charities, and fundraisers as well!


Basic Ear Piercing with Needle (Jewelry extra)Price  
Ears (both lobes)$80.00
Ear Lobe.$40.00

* Choose from over 50 different pairs of studs (depending on stock).

* Minimum age is 2 to 3 months old- must be 2 weeks after immunization needle.

* See below for extra information – please call for further instructions and advice

Jewelry – Implant Grade Steel or Gold Plated Stud (butterfly back)$10.00
    – Birthstone – Implant Grade Steel or Gold Plated Studs – Round (pair/butterfly backs)$20.00
    – Birthstones – Implant Grade Steel or Gold Plated Studs – Clawed (pair/butterfly backs)$30.00
    – Implant Grade Titanium or Steel Flat Back Pair – gems extra (best for babies)$40.00+
 List of Body Piercings done with a Needle
 Standard Lobe, Upper Lobe(2nd or 3rd), Stacked Lobe, Upper Cartilage(Helix), Mid-Helix, Forward Helix, Vertical Helix, Tragus, Anti-Tragus, Flat, Daith, 
 Outer Conch, Inner Conch, Orbital**, Snug, Industrial**, Rook, Double Rook, Faux Rook
 Lip, Snake Bites, Spider Bites, Angel Bites, Labret, Vertical Lip (Vertical Labret), Ashley,  Monroe, Madonna, Philtrum (Medusa), Jestrum (Vertical Medusa), Dahlia Bites, Shark Bites, Dolphin Bites, Canine Bites, Smiley, Web, Nose, 
 Double Nose, Bridge, Eyebrow, Multiple Eyebrow, Septum, Stacked Septum
Mid Body 
 Navel Standard, Lower Navel, East Navel, West Navel, Diagonal Navel, Nipple
 (Standard Horizontal), Nipple Vertical, Nipple Diagonal
Needle Piercing 
Each Single Piercing (Jewelry Not Included)$40.00
** Two Piercings same person including 1 pieces of Surgical Steel 316LVM jewelry………..$105.00
Basic Body Piercing Jewelry – 14G or 16G  
CBR Ring, Horseshoe, Nose Screw, Labret, Curved or Straight Barbell  
Implant Grade Surgical Steel$20.00
Implant Grade Surgical Steel With Steel Single Gem$25.00
Implant Grade Surgical Steel With Steel Double Gem or a Flat Single Gem $30.00
  * Add – Titanium Bead, epoxy coated crystal ball beads or elongated shape (each) +$7.50
Hypoallergenic Body Piercing Jewelry – 14G or 16G or 18G 
CBR Ring, Horseshoe (Circular Barbell), Nose Screw, Labret (Flat backs), Curved Barbell or Straight Barbell  
Implant Grade Titanium or Black Line$40.00
Implant Grade Titanium or Black Line with Single Gem$45.00
Implant Grade Titanium or Black Line with Double Gem$50.00

* Choice of Implant Grade Basic Surgical Steel Jewelry available for Piercing $20.00 +

* We carry Surgical Steel 316LVM, Titanium, Black Line, BioPlast, or Gold

~ FREE Numbing Solution with a Topical Anesthetic ~

~ FREE After Piercing Care Cleaning Product ~

~ FREE Follow-Up/Check-up & FREE 1st Jewelry change ~

~ FREE Change to a shorter length bar within 2 months ~

~ Brand New, Single-use, Sterilized Needles ~

~ Licensed Professional & Experienced Piercers ~

~ Health Department Approved ~ Hospital Sterilization ~

~ Huge Selection of Affordable Unique Jewelry (internally/externally threaded) ~

~ Steel, Titanium, Black Line, BioPlast, BioFlex, Gold, Organic, Anodized, Silcone, Acrylic, Retainers, UV, Wooden & Glass ~

~ Flashing & Vibrating Jewelry, Rings(Captive CBR, Segment, Continous & Clicker), Horseshoe, Circular Barbell, Curved & Straight Barbells, Nose Jewelry, Labrets, Shields, Cuffs, Talons, Anchors, Dermals ~

~ Stretchers, Plugs, Tunnels. (20 Gauge to 2″) ~


Other Jewelry: Stainless Steel & Titanium Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Toe Rings, Anklets, Back Belly Chains & Hair Accessories