Unique Day Spa Representative Type 1 – When you either register or buy something you are given a Personalized Unique Day Spa Number, with your personal account number you can add it to the back of the Unique Day Spa & Education Center cards to promote and hand out to the public. Your personal name and information is protected since there is only your Personalized Representative Number on the back of the card. You receive credits on your account towards services and products.

Unique Day Spa Representative Type 2 – You are a Services and Course Representative. You receive a business car door magnet, personalized business cards, and brochures for services and courses. A The cost is only a small $119.99 sign up fee to become a Type 2 Representative valid for one full year, thereafter its only $60 per year.  For every student that you register and they successfully complete the course you receive a $50 credit that you can apply towards products, services or courses.

Unique Day Spa Distributor – Buying in bulk and re-selling Unique Day Spa products including, jewelry, body piercing jewelry.  Required purchase for a total of only $500.


If you are interested or have any questions please CONTACT US.