Everything You Need to Know About Ear Piercings

Are you considering getting an ear piercing?

Whether you’re a first-timer or a piercing pro, it’s important to know what to expect before you take the plunge. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about ear piercings, from the different types of piercings to aftercare tips. Unique Day Spa in Regina has been piercing for 28 years to provide the most detailed aftercare information on caring for your piercings. Learn how to keep your ear piercings healthy and beautiful. Unique Day Spa has been long well known for their huge selection of initial piercing jewelry to choose from and even more to change into your healed piercing.

Types of Ear Piercings

There are several types of ear piercings to choose from, each with its own unique look and placement. Here are some of the most popular types of ear piercings that are trending now divided into the two categories, between the Lobe Piercing and Cartilage Piercing:

  1. Standard Lobe Piercing: This is the most common type of ear piercing and involves making a hole in the fleshy part of the earlobe. Examples of Lobe Piercings can be more than just your 1st lobes and 2nd Lobes, sometimes even the 3rd or 4th set of lobes can be done going along the channel and curvature of the ear. Unique Day Spa pierce children from 3 months and has done persons ear lobes up till the age of 95 so far! Stacked Lobe Piercings are quite the trend now too. Let us curate your ear for you.

  2. Cartilage Piercing: This type of piercing involves piercing the harder cartilage tissue on the upper part of the ear. Examples of this can Mid-Helix Piercing, Upper Helix Piercing, Vertical Helix Piercing, Forward Helix Piercing, Hidden Helix Piercing, Anti-Helix Piercing, Flat Piercing, Shenmen Piercing, Conch Piercing, Rook Piercing, Daith Piercing, Tragus Piercing, Anti-Tragus Piercing, and Industrial Piercing.

Unique Day Spa: The Best Place for Ear Piercings in Regina

If you’re in Regina and looking for a safe and reliable place to get your ears pierced, look no further than Unique Day Spa. With our 28 years of experience, we pierce using only the highest-quality implant grade titanium, lead and set the example for industry standards, use monthly inspected and tested equipment and follow strict safety protocols for infection prevention and control to ensure a clean and sterile piercing experience. We offer a wide range of ear piercing options, from standard lobe piercings to more complex cartilage piercings, and much more.

Basic Aftercare Tips for Ear Piercings

Once you’ve had your ear pierced, it’s important to take proper care of it to prevent infection and promote healing. The following are some basic tips for aftercare. Please note that when you get a piercing done by Unique Day Spa then there are many more tips, techniques and tricks in after care shown in person, explained, and a 4 page written after care document for you to take home.

  1. Clean the piercing twice a day with a sterile wound wash saline solution or our piercing aftercare spray.  After letting it soak, dry with a clean paper towel.

  2. Do not use any other products like polysporin or alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Avoid touching, playing, or twisting the piercing.  Don’t touch the piercing at all with unwashed hands.  Unwashed hands are always considered dirty hands.

  4. Avoid swimming, that includes hot tubbing or soaking in water for at least the few weeks up to 2 months after getting the piercing.

  5. Avoid wearing tight or restrictive clothing, head bands or ear phones, or ear buds that may touch or irritate the piercing.

  6. Don’t sleep on your piercing. Use a donut or airplane pillow to help to avoid the pressure on the ear.
  7. Be patient! It can take several months for an ear lobe piercing to a year for a cartilage to fully heal inside out.


Ear piercings are a great way to express yourself and add some personality to your look. Whether you opt for a standard lobe piercing or a more complex cartilage piercing, be sure to choose a reputable piercing studio like ours and take proper care of your new piercing. With the right piercer to help you along with your care after your piercing has been done, your ear piercing will look great and feel comfortable in no time!

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