Henna Tattoos ~ Mehndi – lasts up to 3 weeks.

An ancient east indian traditional art dating back 5000 years ago of staining the skin with a herbal paste in a beautiful decorative pattern like a brown tattoo for up to 3 weeks.   The natural brown henna paste dries to leave a color on the skin based on body heat, thus cooling you off and leaving a cool sensation.  The warmer you are and the longer you leave the paste on your skin, then the darker the color of the tattoo is left on the skin.   This paste has come about by a process of mixing dried henna leaves crushed into a fine powder with essential oils to create a paste.  It is then applied to the body in a decorative pattern.  Being based out of Regina, Saskatchewan, we were the first ones to do Henna Tattoos 40 years ago with the original owner of Unique Day Spa and their daughter who is the current owner took over.  We traveled across Canada and United States coast to coast sharing our artwork and traditions at tradeshows for the last 40 years.  From tradeshows to cultural awareness programs like Mosaic, Motif, Folkfest, Folklarama, we also flew to do henna for people’s weddings, grads, company events, showers and birthday parties.

* We have many tips and tricks to have darker color and how to make your tattoo last the longest.

* Designs starting as low as $15 – choose from 1000s’ of designs we have or bring your own!  Invite us to your celebration and let us help make it memorable!

* Various types of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Henna Kits available – from henna powder, cones, stencils, transfers, applicators, essential oils, stabilizers, and even pre-mixed cones as well as recipes

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Henna Mehndi temporary tattoos

Natural Brown Henna starting at $15.00 and up.

       1000’s of designs to choose from, or bring your own!

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