This is a painless, safe mechanical exfoliation that is non-surgical, non-chemical, and a non-invasive method of skin resurfacing. This procedure involves cleansing, physical exfoliation with a scrub if needed, Microdermabrasion Treatment with either Crystals, Ultrasonic, Diamond Dermabrasion or Hydro-Dermabrasion, followed with an option of specialty serum ampoules that can be added. Followed by a Soothing Mask and a Skin rejuvenating Lotion.  Or you can combine this with a Cold Laser Treatment to get the full benefits with the best and longer lasting results.  With a microdermabrasion treatment there is a discounted price for getting Cold Laser at the same time instead of as a separate treatment.

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Microdermabrasion treatments
Face: Crystal Dermabrasion (most popular with quickest results) $105.00
         Ultrasonic Dermabrasion (temporarily not available atm)$130.00
         Diamond Dermabrasion (temporarily not available atm)$155.00

         Hydro Dermabrasion (temporarily not available atm)

Neck: Add to any Dermabrasion+$50.00
Neck & Clavicle:  Add to any Dermabrasion +$75.00
            (front and sides of neck, collar bone area/upper chest, not including breasts) 
Add on – Extra Exfoliation before treatment for best results +$15.00
Add on – Specialty Serum Ampoules +$25.00
Skin Tightening, Lifting, Cellulite & Scar Treatment (minimum of $80 – 20 min)   $4/min
        Upper Arms  

Purchase Microdermabrasion and add Cold Laser to treatment area for 25% off

(see Cold Laser Prices under Services)

Pre-Paid Package of 4 to 6 Microdermabrasion or MicroLaser treatments saves you up to 15%!!

not valid with any other offer or promotion

The procedure for Microdermabrasion Treatment is adjusted to accommodate for best results with Cold Laser Treatment

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