Natural therapy is a broad term for many different kinds of treatments, some given individually, others combined together for best results.  We focus on working from the inside out, relieving stress, decreasing headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression. We begin with the right environment, a room that has sea salt in it to help purify the air, soft lighting, a grounding room that centers you and soothes your soul.  Then the right treatment, either chosen by you or we can help you decide. From Reiki, Magnet therapy, reflexology points, to personalized aromatherapy essential oil blends for you, to lymphatic drainage with a facial massage, or a melting experience with our scalp massage is a must try.  



Natural Therapies Price
 Facial Massage – including neck and clavicle  
30 minute treatment – perfect for lymphatic drainage $55.00
1 hour treatment – lymphatic drainage and relaxation  $85.00
 Relaxation Massage (for women only)  
1 hour of absolute bliss  $85.00
1 hour 30 minutes of absolute relaxation $120.00
2 hours a relaxing heavenly getaway $160.00
* Our Relaxation Massages are all about relaxing. The treatment involves the sounds of soothing music and water fall sounds, add Essential oils to enhance both the environment and the effects of the massage (extra cost for aromatherapy blends of oils)
 * Add Scalp Massage ($2/minute – minimum 10minutes) $20.00+
Chi Massage  
15 minute treatment $30.00
* A Chi Massage uses a machine that elevates your feet and gently sways them side to side providing a flow of energy and oxygen to all the organs and the whole body. This provides an abundant supply of core energy from within.  
30 minute treatment $45.00
1 hour treatment $75.00
Reiki is a technique used to reduce stress and to relax you, promoting good health and healing in the body. This treatment provides many benefits such as: grounding, centering energy and balancing chakras.

Extras and Add-ons

* Add Aromatherapy Oils to any Natural Therapy Service +$5.00
* Add Scalp Massage ($2/miniute – minimum 10 minutes) $20.00+

* * * * * *


Following options of therapy depending on therapist availability:  
30 minute treatment
1 hour treatment  $75.00
* Reflexology is a natural therapeutic treatment involving application of pressure to the feet and hands, using specific thumb, finger and hand techniques.  
Magnet Therapy  
Magnet Therapy treatment (30 minutes)  $45.00
* Magnet Therapy is a natural treatment, Involving the use of static magnetic fields in the body.  
Ayurvedic Treatment  
Ayurvedic Consultation  $85.00
Ayurvedic Treatment  $195.00
* Ayurvedic is a natural treatment divided into eight components which allows each of the elements in the body to influence each other