Nose Piercings, besides Ear Piercings are amongst the most popular piercings, not just at our shop, but in history.  We have been piercing at Unique Day Spa for almost 30 years in Regina, Saskatchewan and serving all surrounding areas.  We are well experienced in piercing and have helped many with their piercings done elsewhere.  We pride ourselves in the work we do here and also offer courses as well. In piercing for so long, along with the experience, we are highly educated and continuing our thirst for more education to advance ourselves.  We feel this is not only important but it is our advantage over other piercers and piercing studios.  With this background, this allows us to be able to perform and offer top notch services at Unique Day Spa.  We also strive in being the best, actively involved in the community and functions, along with participate in many fundraisers, and also being trend setters for setting higher standards in the industry as a whole.  Book your nose piercing appointment today.

History and Culture Significance

Nose piercing is an ancient practice that has been a part of many cultures for many years, and it continues to captivate people worldwide. From its rich historical significance to its contemporary popularity as a form of self-expression, nose piercing offers a unique way to enhance one’s beauty. In this blog, we will delve into the fascinating history, cultural significance, current trends, different placement options, jewelry styles, and highlight why Unique Day Spa is the ideal choice of place to get your nose piercing done and any nose jewelry needs.

Nose piercing dates back thousands of years and has an incredible history. Its origins can be traced to ancient civilizations such as the Middle East, India, Africa, and South America. In many cultures, nose piercing symbolized wealth, social status, religious beliefs, or rites of passage. For instance, in India, the left nostril piercing, known as “Nath,” holds cultural and religious significance and is often worn by brides as a sign of marital status.

Popularity and Personal Expression

In recent years, nose piercing has gained immense popularity across various cultures and age groups. It has become a mainstream fashion statement, enabling individuals to showcase their personal style and “uniqueness”. With a wide range of piercing placement options and many jewelry styles available today, nose piercings can be customized to suit individual preferences and fashion sensibilities.

Different Placements

Nose piercings offer several placement options, allowing individuals to choose the one that best complements their facial features and personal style. The most common placements include nostril piercings, high nostril piercings, septum piercings, and bridge piercings. Each placement has its own aesthetic appeal and can be adorned with different jewelry styles to create a stunning look.

Nose Jewelry Styles

The jewelry worn in nose piercings comes in a variety of styles and gauges, each offering its own “unique” charm.  Not all options are recommended for the initial piercing as Piercing Industry Regulations indicate.  The variety of the options available are shown here:

1. Nose Rings – Circular in shape, nose rings add a touch of elegance. They can be hoop-shaped or adorned with intricate designs and gemstones. The gauge (thickness), the type of metal, and the size of the ring varies. There are many different styles of rings as well like hinged rings, seamless rings, bend-it rings, circular barbell rings with loose or fixed beads, segment rings, horseshoe circular curved barbell rings, open ended rings with a flat back (inserted from inside out).  Rings are not recommended to get your initial piercing as the piercing channel is straight and needs to be a straight post in the piercing otherwise it is putting pressure on the outside and inside edges of the skin which may promote the growth of irritation bumps.  If rings are used for an initial nose piercing then it is has to be larger hoop than a snug fitting ring what the client usually envisions would be used.  

2. L-Shaped Pins – These pieces have a bent shape resembling the letter “L.” L-shaped pins for easy insertion and removal. The gauge, the type of metal, and the length of the post varies.  This would be another affordable option once your piercing is healed. They come in various designs, such as simple studs, jeweled studs (glued in gems, pressed fit gems or clawed gems), or decorative ends. This type of nose jewelry is not recommended for initial nose piercing.

3. Nose Screw – Screws have a straight post that is through the piercing and then a curved shape to hold it into place, ensuring a snug fit and prevent jewelry from slipping out.  At Unique Day Spa we can custom fit the nose screw specifically for you, adjusting to the thickness of your nostril and the placement of where the jewelry will sit and if its for the right side or left of your nostril.  These also come in a variety of types of metals, gauges, and lengths of stems, and gemmed or decorative ends.  This type of nose jewelry at 18G is recommended by Piercing Industry Regulations when getting your initial nose piercing.

4. Flat-back Posts – the straight post with usually a fixed flat back and an opening in the other end to either screw in or have a push pin top.  There are different gauges from 20G to 14G are most popular, lengths of posts from 5mm to 12mm going up 1mm at a time to have a perfect length as needed for each person.  This is the most current and most recommended type of jewelry at 18G for initial nose piercing as per Piercing Industry Regulations for nose piercings.

5. Nose Bones – Is a straight post with a ball on the end.  The gauge, the metal, the length of the stem varies and so does the size of the ball.  Depending on how large and flexible your skin around your piercing is then this would be one of the most affordable options once your piercing is healed. They come in various designs, such as simple studs, jeweled studs (glued in gems, pressed fit gems or clawed gems), or decorative ends.  This type of nose jewelry is not recommended for initial nose piercing. 


Nose Jewelry Gauges

The gauge that is worn in nose piercings varies.  However, the initial nose piercing as set by Piercing Industry Regulations indicate an 18G is the best.  Once healed allowing one to wear any jewelry from 22G jewelry with tiny gems (please note that your piercing will shrink around any thinner jewelry than what it was initially pierced with) to 18G.  However some people may want a more bolder look and want to get pierced with a 16G or 14G.  Some people may want to even go as high as 12G or 10G or even get larger holes in their nose with punches (large cylinder hole punches).  

Nose Jewelry Metal and Materials

The jewelry worn in nose piercings comes in a variety of materials especially in a healed piercing.  If by any chance you have a medical procedure being done like a surgery or an MRI or a CT Scan where they require you or recommend that all your jewelry be taken off and out, then we have all the place holder jewelry you would need.  For noses we have MRI safe piercing retainers in a variety of styles and gauges as well to your piercing gauge open during the procedure so it doesn’t shrink or you lose a new piercing due to taking it out.  Please note that Silver is a substance that cannot be worn in a piercing until it is completely healed or the silver will react with the skin leaving a black mark that is only removable cosmetically. However, not all these options are recommended for the initial piercing. Piercing Industry Regulations indicate to only use implant grade Surgical Steel or implant grade Titanium which is only what Unique Day Spa uses. 

Recommended and Recognized Best Piercing Shop for Service, Jewelry and Safety

At Unique Day Spa, we prioritize your safety and ensure the use and have a variety of options of high-quality jewelry. It is crucial to select implant-grade materials like titanium or surgical steel to minimize the risk of reactions, allergies, infections, bumps, or complications. These materials are biocompatible and comply with the highest Piercing Industry Regulations and Standards.

Unique Day Spa: Your Trusted Piercing Destination

Choosing the right studio for your nose piercing is essential, and Unique Day Spa offers an unparalleled experience, service, and jewelry.. Here’s why you should consider us for your piercing needs:

1. Sterilization Processes – We follow strict sterilization procedures, adhering to industry guidelines to ensure a clean and safe environment.  Blog coming soon on what the standards are for a Sterilization Room.

2. Cleanliness: We maintain impeccable cleanliness standards, creating a hygienic space where you can feel comfortable and at ease.  Regular cleaning of counters, countertops, waiting room chairs, door handles, all in place before Covid procedures came into place!

3. Warranty of Jewelry – We offer a warranty on all jewelry used for nose piercings, providing you with peace of mind and assurance of quality.

4. Warranty on Service – We stand behind our services and offer a warranty to address any concerns or issues that may arise post-piercing.  We are here for your entire healing process and each persons needs may vary depending on their lifestyle or situations, rest assured that we are here to help, troubleshoot and carry all the necessary jewelry you may need and even come in on days off or come in earlier or stay later to serve you when we can.   

5. Free Anesthetic for Numbing – We prioritize your comfort and offer a complimentary anesthetic for numbing before the piercing procedure if you want.  We do also offer a more involved anesthetic that requires about an hour of time to take effect for an extra charge for those who are really scared or worried about the pain of getting a piercing.  We do use the highest quality, coated and sharpest needles in the industry making the piercing less painful than other places.

6. Free Piercing Aftercare Product – We provide a free aftercare product to promote proper healing and ensure the longevity of your nose piercing.   We also offer a large bottle of Sterile Saline NeilMed Mist Spray for about $15 as well making it much easier to keep clean with a quick spray on either side of the piercing (entry and exit point of the piercing).

7. Free Downsizing and Check-Ups – As part of our service and commitment to your well-being, we offer free downsizing to a shorter length bar and free check-ups to monitor your healing progress.

8. Free Cleaning and Jewelry Change – Our team is always ready to assist you with cleaning your piercing and helping you change into the jewelry of your choice once healed.


Nose piercing is a beautiful blend of history, culture, and personal expression. From its ancient roots to its present-day popularity, nose piercing offers a myriad of options for individuals to embrace their “unique” style. If you are considering a nose piercing, look no further than Unique Day Spa. With our focus on sterilization, cleanliness, quality jewelry, and exceptional services, we strive to provide you with a safe, comfortable, and memorable piercing experience.

Embrace the beauty and tradition of getting a nose piercing while enjoying the expertise and care at Unique Day Spa. Make an appointment today and let us help you create a timeless and stunning nose piercing that reflects your individuality and personal style.