Income Opportunities

Unique Day Spa Representative Level 1We REWARD with Referral Credit Dollars $$$.  When you either register, buy a product, get a service or take a course at Unique Day Spa, you are given a Personalized Unique Day Spa Account Number.  No other fees apply to being a Level 1 Rep.  Your personal account number is added to the back of any of Unique Day Spa & Education Center cards or coupon cards to promote and hand out to anyone, anywhere including all social media platforms and in any way that is legally allowed. Your name and any personal information is protected and will not be shared. You will receive Referral Credit Dollars $$$ on your account from sharing your account number and guiding people to Unique Day Spa for services, products, jewelry, or courses … all based on a percentage of what they spend on their first time at Unique Day Spa earning up to 2.5% to a max of $25 for each referral.  You can use your credits on any regularly priced items for yourself or as a gift certificate.  

Unique Day Spa Representative Level 2 – If you are a savvy social media promoters and are interested in earning extra income on the side with minimal effort, then being a Level 2 Rep is for you. You will promote Unique Day Spa’s Services, Products, Jewelry and Courses with a little more detailed level of knowledge of what the business has to offer rewarding you with a higher percentage from your referral of up to 5% to a max of $50 per referral.  You can use your credits on any regularly priced items for yourself, as a gift certificate or towards a course for yourself.  

You receive a business car door magnet, personalized business cards, and brochures for services and courses. A The cost is only a small $129 sign up fee to become a Type 2 Representative valid for one full year, thereafter its only $60 per year.  

Unique Day Spa Distributor – Buying in bulk at wholesale prices from the regular or retail prices and re-selling it to make your direct profit.  Choose from Unique Day Spa’s selected products ranging from nail gel, nail art supplies, jewelry, body piercing jewelry and fake body piercing jewelry.  Required purchase at wholesale prices of only $500 before taxes.

 If you are interested in being part of the team or have any questions please CONTACT US.