Unique Day Spa Excess Inventory BLOW OUT SALE!
 HUGE SUPER SALES on inventory and jewelry!! Don’t miss out! Thank you so much for supporting my small local business!!!

 From February 2nd till Saturday, February 27th, 2021.  Open by appointment from Tuesday to Friday 12pm-6pm and Saturday 12pm-3pm – Limit of only 3 customers at a time.  Please call, email or fb message to make an appointment or you may have to wait outside/in your car until it’s your turn.  Hand sanitizing and face mask upon arrival required.

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*Note: all gels are regularly priced at $20.00+tax

Waterproof Glamour Crystal Ball Earrings (as low as $5 & up!)

Single Ball Earrings Sizes ~ 6mm – 8mm -10mm

        only $5.00 each pair – any size or

Double Ball Earrings ~ 6mm/10mm (Double Ball & Hooked)

        only $8.00 each

Necklace and Jewelry – as low as $2 & up

Body Piercing Jewelry – as low as $1.00 & up

Nose Screws, Nose Bones, Nose L-pins, Nose rings (from $1 & up)

Belly Jewelry from rings to assorted barbels and dangly ones (from $2 & up)

Tongue Piercing Jewelry – Metal bars to plastic bars, picture beads to gems to shapes to vibrating ones (from $2 & up)

Retainers – for surgery, MRIs or pregnant women – all sizes and guages and for all body parts (from $5 & up)

Beads – 14G and 16G – $0.50 & up

Fake Body Piercing Jewelry – as low as $5 & up

Fashion Strip Lashes – as low as $1.25 & up

–    $2 per pair – any style in stock

         4 pairs for $5.00 ($1.25 each pair)

 Gel Nail Products, Supplies and Equipment – as low as $0.50 & up (new and used on clearance)

DIY Henna Kits – $25 each good for 50 designs (freshly made & only while quantities last – best to pre-order) – no artistic abilities required!

Body Piercing Jewelry up to 75% off starting at $0.50!

Great Deals On Glamour Ball Earrings!

10mm 2 Iridescent - Single Glamour Ball EarringsDouble 2 Iridescent Glamour Ball Earrings