Unique Day Spa Excess Inventory BLOW OUT SALE!
 HUGE SUPER SALES on inventory and jewelry!! Don’t miss out! Thank you so much for supporting my small local business!!!

 DATES & HOURS are on advertised on our Facebook Page & Instagram page – LIKE & SHARE and earn Referral Credit Dollars by bringing people with you to get services or products!  Our hours are generally by appointment from Tuesday to Friday 12pm-6pm and Saturday 12pm-3pm –

Limit of only 3 customers at a time temporarily.  Please call, email or fb message to make an appointment or you may have to wait outside/in your car until it’s your turn.  Hand sanitizing and face mask upon arrival required until health guidelines are lifted.

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FLASH SALES & HUGE SUPER SALES ARE ON FOR THIS FALL & WINTER doing a huge INVENTORY CLEARANCE on ALL kinds of Jewelry, Products and Supplies – dates announced on our Unique Day Spa Facebook page  The following is just a few of the things we have advertised for sale!  While quantities last.  No rainchecks on products, some service sales with purchases made during the sale and with limitations.

* GLAMOUR CRYSTAL BALL EARRINGS – UP TO 80% OFF –  Excess Inventory Blow Out Clearance! Waterproof Clay, Austrian Crystals, High quality hypo-allergenic Surgical Steel posts and backings.  See the online store for selection of colors under their sizes listed below (under construction atm and will be completed soon).

* UV GELS & NAIL SUPPLIES – selected gels are on clearance!  GELS – Gel Polishes, Gelish, Glitter Gels, Shimmer Gels, Pearl Gels, Solid Colors, NSI gels, Unique Gels(Primer Gel/Line Eliminator, Base Gel, Strengthener, Builder Gel, Pink Builder Gel, Wipe Top Coat, No-Wipe Top Coat), NAIL ART – Decals/Stickers, Glitter, Gems, Fimo Clay, Real dried flowers, Crushed Shell, Chrome, Striper tape, Nail art polishes, Nail tips.  SUPPLIES – UV Lamps, Files, Cleanser Pumps, Dappen Dish, Line out, Gel Nail Brushes, Nail art Brushes, Cuticle pushers, Mandrels, Nail File Electric nail Drill Bits, and Marbleizing/Dotting Tool. Up to 75% off – see online store for selection of colors in their sizes (under construction atm and will be updated soon).

*Note: all gels are regularly priced at $20.00+tax

Waterproof Glamour Crystal Ball Earrings (as low as $5 & up!)

Single Ball Earrings Sizes ~ 6mm – 8mm -10mm

        only $5.00 each pair – any size or

Double Ball Earrings ~ 6mm/10mm (Double Ball & Hooked)

        only $8.00 each

Necklace and Jewelry – as low as $2 & up

Body Piercing Jewelry – as low as $1.00 & up

Nose Screws, Nose Bones, Nose L-pins, Nose rings (from $1 & up)

Belly Jewelry from rings to assorted barbels and dangly ones (from $2 & up)

Tongue Piercing Jewelry – Metal bars to plastic bars, picture beads to gems to shapes to vibrating ones (from $2 & up)

Retainers – for surgery, MRIs or pregnant women – all sizes and guages and for all body parts (from $5 & up)

Beads – 14G and 16G – $0.50 & up

Fake Body Piercing Jewelry – as low as $5 & up

Fashion Strip Lashes – as low as $1.25 & up

–    $2 per pair – any style in stock

         4 pairs for $5.00 ($1.25 each pair)

 Gel Nail Products, Supplies and Equipment – as low as $0.50 & up (new and used on clearance)

DIY Henna Kits – $25 each good for 50 designs (freshly made & only while quantities last – best to pre-order) – no artistic abilities required!

Body Piercing Jewelry up to 75% off starting at $0.50!

Great Deals On Glamour Ball Earrings!

10mm 2 Iridescent - Single Glamour Ball EarringsDouble 2 Iridescent Glamour Ball Earrings