Tooth Gems are a perfect way to add a beautiful sparkle to your smile with a safe non-invasive aesthetic procedure with no pain and no drilling that lasts up to 5 years with a 2 month guarantee!  Alka, the owner and educator of Unique Day Spa has 26 years of experience with Tooth Gem applications since 1996 in the beauty industry across Canada.  Having done upwards of 50,000 people’s Tooth Gems in Canada and internationally. Book your appointment online or call (306)781-8183 today for the Regina location (YQR) and make your smile leave an impression on all those around you!


The Tooth Gem procedure takes place in a disinfected room with only autoclaved single use items only.  The application process only takes about 5 to 10 minutes, including prep, cleaning, bonding, and securing your chosen sparkly Swarovski gem.  We secure the gem after properly prepping the tooth and using a high quality specialty UV spectrum light to cure the gem on to the tooth for a full 45 seconds to one minute from different angles. 

Not sure which color or where to put it?  We are trained to help you choose the best color out of 50 colors and sizes, as well as the most esthetically pleasing and flattering spot on your chosen tooth or teeth.  We also have many tips and tricks to keep your Tooth Gem on for as long as you can! 

* We have a 2 month limited guarantee on the service with Swarovski gems only

* FAQ link coming soon – until then feel free to contact us

Tooth Gems  Prices
* Single Gem on one tooth for one quandrant (base price) $50.00
* 2 Gems on the same tooth or area in the same quandrant $85.00
* 3 Gems in the same quadrant $110.00
* 4 Gems in the same quadrant (ie. Butterfly Curation) $135.00
* Chandelier (small gems to cover the 1 whole tooth) $175.00
* Each additional Gem after 4 per person/appt $25.00
* 2 Gems – one in different quadrants $100.00
* Each additional Gem after 2 – one in different quadrants/person/appt $25.00
Extra Add Ons  
Diamond** (base price of $50 plus diamond price stated depending on size) +$125.00
** comes with an identification card stating the grade of the diamond, carat, quality, clarity & size  
White/Yellow Gold Or Silver Decal (base price plus decal price stated in shop) +$75.00


~ No Drilling Needed~ * Guaranteed for 2 months~ No Pain ~ No Damage ~ Non-invasive ~

up to 50 different Swarovski Gem colours & sizes

~ Can last anywhere from up to 1-5 years~


Show off your Tooth Gem and refer people to receive Referral Dollar Credits on your account!  Inquire on becoming a Unique Day Spa Representative, join our team today!  Inquire on our Learn & Earn $ Programs by taking a Tooth Gem Course with our Advanced Instructors and Education Center.


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